All Policies come directly from our Conditions of Agreement.  We try to keep our website as up to date as possible, however, policies are subject to change.

These Terms of Agreement (hereafter Terms) describe the standards and policies at Butterfly Fields Bed & Breakfast (hereafter BFBB).  By making a reservation with BFBB, the Guest (hereafter Guest or Guests) hereby agrees to abide by all Terms.  For questions or clarifications, please contact the owner, operator, innkeeper (hereafter Innkeeper or BFBB).  Within this document, the term “refund” refers to an amount credited to the Guest equal to the cost of the complete stay, unless otherwise specially noted.  


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I. Services & Amenities

II. Breakfast

III. Check-In Time

IV. Check-In Procedure

V. Check-Out Time

VI. Check-Out Procedure


VII. Rates

VIII. Reservations

IX. Payment

X. Cancellation Policy

XI. Responsibility of Children

XII. Restrictions

XIII. Accountability


While BFBB makes every attempt to offer all amenities listed below, we cannot guarantee these services.

A.  Exercise: We offer walking trails and extensive garden pathways.

B.  Games: Numerous quality table games available. 

C.  Guest Information: Area dining, entertainment and attractions are found at our guest information table.  

D.  Gift Certificates: (B&B, massage & pottery) Advanced reservations required.  Cancellation policy applies.  Not refundable for cash.

E.  Library: All rooms offer a wide selection of reading materials on the bookshelves.

F.  Licensed Massage Therapist: Pre-arranged appointments are preferred, but short notice requests are welcomed and every attempt will be made to honor them.

G.  Special Requests: Special requests are welcomed. 

H.  Telephone: available in guest room.  Guest phones are limited to local calling, credit card long distance calling, 411 Information, 911 Emergency, and internal paging capability.

I.    Television: In order to promote a peaceful and restful environment for our Guests, BFBB does not provide monitors for television, video or DVD disk viewing.  Guests may use their personal computers for this purpose provided the volume does not disturb other guests.

J.    Refrigerator: Provided for Guest’s food and beverages.


Breakfast is served at 8:30.



     A $30 per hour or part thereof/per booking will be charged for check-ins after 8:30pm unless prior arrangement has been made.


A.  Guest will complete a copy of our Conditions by signing and dating same.

B.  Guest will need to present the credit card that was used to make the reservation.

C.  Guest may be required to present government issued photo identification.


No later than 11am. 

A $30 per hour or part thereof/per booking will be charged for check-outs after 11am to 1 pm same day and a full day charge thereafter unless prior arrangement has been made. 


A.  Leave guest room key on guest room dresser top.

B.  Close and lock guest room door upon final exit by depressing inside door knob button.  Ensure door is locked.

C.  Guest ensures they have received final copy of paid invoice.

D.  Guest will be charged a $30.00 fee for lost or missing keys.


  Room rates are based upon double occupancy and full breakfast.  Each additional person in room will be assessed an additional charge.  Rates are subject to change without prior notice.  Rates do not include applicable state and local taxes.


A.  Confirmed reservations require the following:

     1.  An authorized credit/debit card number.

     2.  Evidence of acceptance of Conditions. 

B.  A two (2) night or longer minimum stay may be required for weekends, i.e., Friday and Saturday, or special events.

C.  Guests are responsible for payment of entire reservation regardless of arrival or departure times.

D.  Beginning at 0000 hours on first day of reservation, Guests are financially responsible for entire reservation, regardless if Guest terminates stay early for any reason.

E.  Innkeeper reserves the right to cancel any reservation, at any time, with full refund of any money paid by Guests.


The credit/debit card used to make the reservation will be charged in full at the time reservation becomes confirmed. 


All fees assessed herein will be charged to the credit/debit card used to make the reservation.

A.  For cancellations of reservations prior to fourteen (14) days of stay the Guest will be responsible for a thirty dollar ($30) administrative fee.

B.  For cancellations of reservations occurring within fourteen (14) days of stay the following policy applies:

1. For stays of one (1) or two (2) nights, the Guest will be responsible for a fee of one (1) night’s rate per room.

2. For stays three (3) nights or longer, the Guest will be responsible for a fee of one-third (1/3) the total reservation.

C.  No refunds for early departures.

D. For reservations not cancelled and not honored, Guest will be responsible for the entire reservation.


BFBB is not a child-safe environment.  This does not mean that children are prohibited.  This means that Guests are discouraged from bringing children with them to BFBB.  BFBB does not offer baby-sitting or child-care services.  For Guests bringing a child to BFBB, the child is to remain under the Guests’ full and complete control and supervision at all times.  The Guest accepts full and complete responsibility for their child’s’ behavior and will not hold BFBB liable in any way and will indemnify and hold BFBB harmless.


A. Alcohol: Alcohol is not provided by BFBB.  Responsible consumption of alcohol is allowed.  For Guests abusing this privilege (as determined by BFBB), Guests will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

B. Animal Containment: Guests are not to open any pasture gates, barn stall gates, pathway gates, or any door(s) to any animal containment areas.

C. Animal Feeding: No feeding of livestock or pets allowed. 

D. Animal Physical Contact: No physical contact with the animals is allowed.  Guests’ touching, petting, riding, picking up or handling any animal in any way represents an acceptance of risk and understanding that animals may cause harm and/or injury by biting and/or other actions and behavior.  Guests accept full responsibility for any harm and/or injury brought on by their actions (or their children’s actions) through contact with any animal.  Guest will indemnify and hold BFBB harmless for any Guest injury incurred by animal contact. 

E.  Combustibles: The burning of any type of combustible is not allowed in the guest room(s), the home or on the premises.  This includes, but is not limited to, candles and incense.

F.  Cooking: Cooking is not allowed in the guest room(s).

G.  Coolers & Ice Chests: Prohibited in guest rooms.

H.  Fencing: All livestock fencing is electrified.  Contact will incur shock.  Although contacting electrified livestock fencing will not normally cause death or permanent injury, it will be an unpleasant experience.  Guests with special known health considerations such as pacemakers, etc., should use extra caution not to make contact with electrified livestock fencing.

I.  Food & Beverage Consumption: Food and beverages are not allowed over carpeted areas of the home.  This includes Guest rooms

J.  Footwear Indoors: For the health and safety of our Guests, and due to the nature of the farm environment (often times causing soiled footwear) we require the following of all our Guests:

1. Guest will ensure that footwear worn in the home on tiled floors are clean, dry, and are not soiled by outdoor dirt, mud, manure, etc.  No

      outdoor footwear is to be worn on carpeted floors.

2. Prior to entering the home, footwear is to be inspected and if required, use the footwear cleaning station found near the front entrance. 
3. Guests are encouraged to bring alternative footwear with them to be worn in the home.  If Guests have not done this, the Innkeeper will provide indoor footwear.  Clean socks are fine.  No bare feet allowed in public areas.

K.  Kitchen: For the health and safety of our guests, kitchen facilities are for staff use only.

L.  Out-Buildings: Access to all out-building(s) restricted unless escorted by Innkeeper.  Guests will not hold BFBB responsible for any injury or harm caused to themselves or others within these structures by negligent or other type of Guest behavior. 

M.  Pastures: Guests are not to climb in, on, around, or through pasture fencing for the purpose of gaining access to the livestock or pastures for any reason.

N.   Pottery: Our on-site pottery, Goose at the Door Pottery, does not keep regular business hours of operation.  Please observe the “open/closed” sign on the pottery entrance gate.

O.   Quiet Time: Quiet time is between 10 pm and 6am. 

P.    Signage: Guests are to observe all signage as posted.  Do not enter areas signed “Private,” “Private Entrance”, “Do Not Enter”, or “Private Quarters”.

Q.   Smoking: BFBB is a 100% smoke free environment.  This includes both inside the home and other structure(s) and anywhere outside on the grounds.  BFBB takes this restriction very seriously.  If a Guest smokes, they will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.  If a Guest smokes in a Guest room, they will be asked to leave immediately without a refund, AND be responsible for a two (2) night room fee (for loss of room use while the room is being cleaned), PLUS a minimum $200 cleaning fee. 


A.  Innkeeper reserves the right to terminate the balance of any guest’s stay without refund for any behavior that is in violation of these Conditions, or that disrupts the operation of BFBB.  Guests asked to leave will be charged for entire reservation.  Other fees may be assessed related to missing or damaged property, cleaning fees, loss of room use fees as appropriate and determined by BFBB. 

B.  The security features in place at BFBB are meant to deter casual interlopers and are meant to ensure Guest safety and provide Guest privacy.  Guest will not hold BFBB liable for any damaged or missing Guest property or valuables, or for Guests’ safety.

C.  It is the Guest’s responsibility to inform the Innkeeper of any special health issues or concerns they have that the Innkeeper would need to be made aware of to insure the health and safety of the Guests’ stay.



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